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Protein-Packed Veggie Burger Recipe

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I’ve always been a doubter when it comes to veggie burgers. Usually, the texture of the burger is too soft to mimic the real thing & the flavors added to make the “burger” taste like real meat are too over-powering. I’ve had these two complaints consistently over the last few years, which is why I was ready to give up on veggie burgers all together.

H+H is all about finding healthy ways to enjoy food, because if you’re not fully enjoying your meal, what’s the point? Eating fulfilling meals is such a simple way to take the time to treat yourself + your body.

On one fateful evening, a few months ago, I stumbled upon Veggie Grill‘s Beyond Burger on their Postmates menu. I had seen the Beyond Meat brand in some of my favorite healthy bloggers’ instagram stories before, and I was feeling spontaneous, so I ordered: a Beyond Burger wrapped in lettuce, with tomato, onion, secret sauce ( on the side ), & vegan cheddar cheese.


… was my reaction to this burger. The texture is nearly perfect, it’s super balanced in flavor ( the way they prepare it is magical ), & it’s hearty enough to eat in a lettuce wrap without feeling like you’re being starved.

Come to find out, they sell Beyond Burger‘s at Whole Foods ( you can check online to see if they sell them in a store near you! ).

Also, these veggie burger patties have 20 grams of protein, so you’re not missing out on that front.

I will say, I do prefer the way Veggie Grill makes these veggie burgers to my at-home way ( there’s just something about someone else preparing your food ), but these are pretty bomb nonetheless. I think their secret sauce just does it for me.

ANYWHO, let’s get to the recipe.

what you’ll need

Beyond Meat Beyond Burger Patty
Hamburger Bun ( or Lettuce Wrap ), I’m using Schar‘s GF Buns here
Bibb Lettuce
Optional: Spicy Mayo, Chipotle Mayo, Ketchup, etc.


– Prepare the Beyond Burger on the stove, per package instructions
– Toast burger buns, wash lettuce, slice tomato & avocado
– I top the bottom burger bun with sauce first ( using eggless Just Chipotle Mayo here ), then add lettuce, the burger patty, smashed avocado, tomato, more lettuce & top off with the top burger bun.

Add my SKINNY FRIES for your full fast-food fix, too!

I’ve compiled a little video for IGTV to show y’all how I make this entire burger + french fry spread at once. I’m going to try to get it up tomorrow morning, so I’ll keep y’all posted via Instagram for that one.

IGTV seems like a good place to share quick recipe videos, right?? Let me know if y’all think thats a solid idea. IGTV is so new & I’m wanting to know YOUR thoughts on IGTV vs. YouTube. I feel like YouTube is better for longer-form content & IGTV for shorter-form.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

In other news, I have just returned home from my trip to San Diego. I have a couple hours until I head out to a restaurant opening + an event tonight, and I am SOAKING IT UP, laying in bed, face-mask on, writing this post.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to come home & SLEEP tonight. It has been quite the week.

As per usual, SEND ME PICS if you try this recipe!

Also, if you like healthy recipes like this, visit my Recipe Index for so many more. They’re all pretty BOMB, if I do say so myself.

Talk soon, beebs. xx