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Throwback Swim, Spending the Day in Venice with RVCA

Is anyone else getting throwback, Baywatch-y vibes from this RVCA one piece??

I’m all about making things from the past new again ( please see: my love for distressed vintage tees & reworked denim ), so I instantly fell in lurve with all things RVCA for a summer spent on the West Coast.

To shoot this post, I headed over to Venice Beach with my photog friend, Laci. I thought the vibe of the boardwalk/beach would be a flawless place to capture this suit.

For those of you who don’t live in LA: Venice Beach is a classic, must-see place in Lala-land. I wouldn’t say its the cleanest, most classy location in LA, but walking the boardwalk in Venice is just one of those things you have to do.

It’s an experience.

I threw on my RVCA one-piece, a white button-down & some cut-offs to keep a lil covered, a big hat & sneakers to explore Venice last week.

Hustle and Halcyon wears RVCA Womens

LA-based blogger, Payton Sartain, wears RVCA Womens in Venice, CA

The vibe of Venice Beach is ultra-laid-back & a very grungy. In stark contrast to most of LA, people aren’t taking themselves too seriously here.

Well, they’re generally not caring at all. About anything, LOL.

One of my favorite places to stop on the boardwalk is Venice Ale House. The food is organic, for the most part, & the drinks are AMAZING. They’ll even crack open a coconut for you to drink out of right there.

A few other things to check off your Venice Beach to-do list:

Take a photo in front of Muscle Beach. Watch the beach acrobatics going on all over the place. View the street art. Eat the funnel cake. Buy the tourist-y Venice Beach tees at the cheapy stands. Watch the skater boys at the skate park. Rent a bike & cycle down to the Santa Monica Pier.

If someone approaches you with a CD player & asks you to listen to their mixtape, I advise saying no & swiftly exiting the situation ( or else you’ll be standing there until you are forced to purchase said mixtape ).

RVCA Womens throwback swimsuit on blogger Hustle + Halcyon

Payton Sartain in RVCA Womens

Like I said, Venice is a must-see, & I suggest pairing your fav RVCA suit with your laid-back, West Coast experience.

Honestly, you could really wear this anywhere to bring your own Venice vibe with you, no matter where you are, LOL.

Coincidentally, I’m headed over to Venice for lunch with some friends on Abbot Kinney ( Venice’s “clean” neighborhood ) & to do some blog projects with some other creative babes!

Overall, it’s shaping up to be a productive-but-still-chill Friday. That’s the overall vibe of Los Angeles, TBH. Productive, but not too serious.

Anywho, I’m hoping y’all are lurving this throwback, cool-girl look as much as I am. If you can’t get enough of this style, make sure to stop by RVCA’s website here to shop this look & similar styles!

Talk soon, beebs. xx

Photos by Laci Havens.

This post is in partnership with RVCA. All opinions, as ABSOLUTELY ALWAYS, are my own.

RVCA Womens Swim on Blogger Payton Sartain

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