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Heres Why You Should Be a Vitamin E Oil Fanatic, Like Me!

Heres Why You Should Be a Vitamin E Oil Fanatic, Like Me! // ROAWO

I’m serious, Vitamin E Oil is life-changing.

Okay, so :: I was hanging out with some of my friends not too long ago, & one my super-hottie-biscotti friends started rubbing this oil all over her eyes. Long ( and not super interesting ) story short :: I figured out wtf she was using was Vitamin E oil to remove her makeup.

Being my I-need-everything-right-this-second self, I went to the store & bought some for myself the next day. Let me tell ya, this stuff works magic. Using a cotton ball / Q-tip, your eye make up will come of in a flash. No more scrubbing soap into your eyes, no more nasty chemical-filled drugstore brand removers, & no more horrible rub-skin-raw makeup remover pads.

Then, I decided to do a little research into other uses for Vitamin E Oil & I came across this little helpful article. To sum it up, some other amazetastic uses for this magic oil are:

1. Prevents Wrinkles :: Vit E prevents pesky wrinkles by blocking free-radical damage, boosting collagen production, & supporting new skin-cell growth. Because, who seriously wants wrinkles?

2. Intense Night-time healing :: Vitamin E oil is relatively thick, so you may not want to slather it on all-over your face both day & night, but it is seriously helpful for night-time moisturizing ( & it contains antioxidants for healing of the skin! ). Also, it can be added to skin with Olive Oil for smooth application / more skin benefits ( << I thought that was interesting ).

3. Treating Scars / brown spots :: Like I said before when I was explaining Vit E’s wrinkle prevention powers, this powerful oil penetrates deep into skin to block free radicals, which is super important in treating scars & brown spots ( free-radicals prevent scar tissue from healing ). Also, the antioxidants in Vitamin E are important in the healing of scar tissue. It supports cell regeneration , which is necessary in lightening dark spots.

4. Cuticles :: Vitamin E also soothes dry, nast, gross, cracked cuticles because its super moisturizing!

All these helpful purposes + the makeup remover makes Vitamin E a serious necessity in your beauty routine. AND its cheap & natural, so what could get better than that?

I bought my Vit E Oil at H-E-B, but you can also find it here online as well.

Whats your favorite all-natural / simple beauty tip ? I’d love to know!

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