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I flew home from Austin, TX on Monday, so I spent most of the day at the airport.

Because of this, I had the absolute best night of my life lined up on Monday night. I walked to sweetgreen for a big, green-filled salad ( with salmon ) and sat alone & watched YouTube videos ( I’m obsessed with the Lineup videos by The Cut ).

I then walked over to Pressed Juicery for a chocolate freeze with strawberries & chocolate syrup. It was A NIGHT TO REMEMBER. Romance with myself.


Tuesday afternoon was spent in Malibu with Kopari, brunching & mingling with the Kopari team and a number of other bloggers/influencers. It’s days like those that make me realize how much I love what I’ve built for myself here in LA. Working with brands I’m 100% supportive of with girls who are both kind & successful is an absolute dream.

& in MALIBU, no less. What a beautiful thing.

My assistant, Emma, came over late afternoon to help organize clothing away. Yes, clothing organization is a JOB in itself.

I headed to Equinox late on Tuesday night to get a strength workout in & clear my head. I like to go to the gym LATE, when no one else is there. It’s so calm & I can really get in my zone.


I began Wednesday at the chiropractor, getting adjusted & doing exercises, as I do 3 days a week now.

Wednesday was the first time I could literally FEEL immediate benefit of the adjustment. Do y’all want me to discuss my experience seeing a chiropractor more in-depth?? Because we can make that happen.

Emma came over in the morning to help shoot some photos around Beverly Hills. She’s really a woman of many talents, LOL.

Post-shoot, I headed to meet with Jeremy, my trainer, for some strength + cardio mid-day. You can see a sampling of what exercises I generally do with him in this vlog I posted last week.

On Wednesday evening, I went to Catch LA with some friends for FabFitFun‘s dinner, which included spicy margs, truffle mac & cheese, and some BOMB gift bags.

I may or may not have closed out Wednesday with an impromptu trip to the Drake concert with a ( very, very ) cute boy. But, who’s to say really? ( *wink emoji* )


I had a few calls & computer work on Thursday morning, before walking over to the Fendi x Equinox event around lunch. Fendi’s new activewear is absolutely everything to me. AND, they gifted each of us a set. LIKE. ARE YOU KIDDING.

Lemme just say it: designer clothing will always make me happier than almost anything else ( besides, like, the health of my family & close friends ). It’s one of my few passions in life, tbh.

I went to lunch with my cousin who was in town post-event. I took her and her friend to HIVE in Santa Monica, one of my top healthy-food picks in that area ( it’s in my Santa Monica Guide, too! ).

Kristen and I met up to shoot later in the day, and were planning on going to a number of events on Thursday evening. Instead, because we were feeling tired ( I was still hungover from Drake the previous night ), we skipped everything to film a Q&A for her channel + eat cauliflower pizza.

Those are my favorite kind of nights.


The last day of the week was spent in Malibu, again.

KORAL Activewear rented a house ( the same house we stayed in for the Foray weekend away! ) to host numerous activations, lunch, a gifting suite + more. Kylee & I went out to Malibu for the day to hang with KORAL and a few friends by the beach.

We got some CUTE ASS activewear sets, a pair of APL shoes, ate some Bluestone Lane goods, & got B-12 shots for instant energy.

We then headed back into LA ( to Elephante in Santa Monica ) for a happy hour with Nosotros Tequila, a new tequila company I’m HIGHLY enjoying ( except I didn’t drink any this particular night, as I was driving. I have STRICT RULES about ANY amount of alcohol & driving. None of that shit. ).

Kylee booked a sponsored trip with a hotel & casino for the weekend, and invited Kristen and I to join her. So, late Friday night, I drove a couple hours south ( to the East side of San Diego! ) to spent the weekend with my girlfriends eating, drinking & attempting ( failing ) at gambling. I vlogged the whole experience, so that’ll be up soon!