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Ya girl has JUST realized how quickly festival season is coming up, which is getting me in the mood for warm summer weather & wearing little amounts of clothing, LOL.

More than the music, what I love most about festivals in that ANYTHING GOES ( for the most part ) in terms of outfit choice. Yes, I’m one of those “annoying” people who goes to festivals to wear bomb outfits, eat junk food, & lay in the grass on a blanket in the sun. SUE ME.

In the spirit of the upcoming festival season, I’m partnering with Finish Line and Adidas today to share what I’m bringing in my bag to festivals this year.

The key to creating the perfect all-day festival bag is keeping it light. You don’t want to be lugging around a giant bag with you all weekend. Packing up a bag with all the essentials for the day, but keeping it CONDENSED, takes some effort.

In today’s post, I’m wearing this clear cross body bag by Adidas ( though I also like this all-black cross-body as well. ) This bag has multiple pockets/compartments to keep my things organized, and I like that I can see everything in a clear bag. You can also wear it around your waist as a waist belt. Love it.

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1- Makeup & Skin Minis
Call me EXTRA, but I like to have a collection of makeup & skincare products in travel size form when I’m traveling, going out, or for when I attend events like festivals. It makes packing things away easier. I bring concealer, lip balm, hydrating face spray, sunscreen & lotion in my bag. Also on this subject: I pack an extra hair tie!

2- Skinny Card Wallet
To save room in my bag, I pack my credit cards & ID away in a small card wallet instead of a full-size one. I slide it into a small side-compartment of my bag to keep tabs on it ( & so I can safeguard it from being seen/getting stolen ).

3- Bendy Water Flask
Again, this might be extra, but buying an expandable flask ensures you stay hydrated, and you can usually clip it to the outside of your bag, so it doesn’t take up space in your bag.

4- Bandana/Scarf
Because I always need one of these multi-takers with me. I can use a bandana to put around my nose/mouth when walking through dusty/windy areas or I can use it as an accessory. Sometimes I’ll use a large bandana/scarf as a mini blanket to sit on. Ya know, it does it all.

5- Mini Camera
I bring along my small digital camera to festivals or similar events. This is the camera I use for vlogging as well as high-quality images on-the-go.

6- Sunglasses
These are clearly a must. I bring my sunglasses in their own case or store them wrapped in my bandana to avoid scratching the lenses. Gotta protect those eyes from both sun exposure & dust!

What festivals are y’all attending this year?

I’m planning on heading to the larger more main-stream festivals this spring, but I’m always on the lookout for more chill, local festivals ( preferably on the beach ) around the Los Angeles area. If y’all have any suggestions, LMK!

Wishing y’all a safe & STLYISH festival season ( omg, so corny, but true nonetheless! ). Hope y’all found this helpful. Xx


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