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Work Week Collaborative Playlist

Posted on

Hi guys!

Long time, no talk.

I’ve been BUSY BUSY lately, as Miami Swim Week was this last week/weekend, & then I immediately flew to New York after the craziness. I’m in New York City right now with Kristen & Kylie to take meetings, shoot, & explore the city.

I’ll take any excuse I can to travel to New York. It’s my absolute favorite city ( at least in the United States ).

I’m working on getting my Miami vlog up ASAP, but I wanted to share a new COLLABORATIVE PLAYLIST with y’all today.

Today’s playlist is the one I listen to while I’m at home working on the computer. Actually, I listen to this while I’m driving, cooking, cleaning, etc, too. My WORK WEEK playlist is a staple in my every day life, and I want Y’ALL to add songs with a similar vibe to this playlist!

If I really need to concentrate, I like to go for songs without words, so this playlist isn’t my focus playlist, it’s just a happy list of songs I listen to while I’m typing away all day. It’s GREAT to send e-mails & plan to.

What do y’all like to listen to while you’re working?

BTW, if you’ve missed my other collaborative playlists, you can find my Going OUT Out playlist here & my Chiller playlist here.

Happy working, friends!