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WORDS OF THE WEEK | Fashion Icons on Personal Style & Self-Expression

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Ahhh, Sunday.

I’ve always been attracted to the low-key, laid-back Sunday vibe. Because I’m ME, I still “work” on Sundays, but something about Sunday work lacks the sense of urgency that the other 6 days of the week bring.

Today is about relaxing, resetting, hanging with friends, & preparing in advance for the week. I’m all for a preparation period.

This Sunday afternoon, I brunched with Claire to dream up our next getaway, and then we explored the Melrose Trading Post with our friend Chloe. I stocked up on a few vintage goodies, so score.

I’m going to try to stick with this WORDS OF THE WEEK series every Sunday, because I know y’all love when I share quotes & such on my Instagram story. Posting them on my blog makes them easily pin-able on Pinterest ( my holy grail, basically ).

Today’s quotes are centered on style & fashion, because I consider both to be a huge part of my life.

Growing up, my obsession with clothes and styling seemed to be looked upon as materialistic & shallow. The more time I spend in the women’s fashion scene here in Los Angeles ( & sometimes in New York ), especially the digital-based fashion scene, the more I realize that its OK to love clothes and shoes and accessories.


Appreciating an aesthetically pleasing outfit, having fun with your personal style, & spending a lil extra $ on products straight from the mind of fashion’s greatest is nothing to be ashamed of. Fashion is a global, trillion-dollar industry, and it’s an important part of our daily lives.

Even those who regard the fashion world as “shallow” &/or “unimportant” are, without realizing it, highly affected by fashion on a daily basis. Think: office-wear to portray professionalism through clothing, sports team uniforms to express which side a person is on, military garb to symbolize who one is fighting for… this is all a form of fashion.

To me, style & fashion are two separate things.

Fashion dictates trend ( & it also dictates timelessness ), and style is a person’s take on fashion. They’re both an art form and a way to express oneself in their own right.

In my opinion, getting dressed should be fun. It should be a small part of your day dedicated to entertaining & expressing yourself. It shouldn’t be so serious. Getting creative with your exterior doesn’t make you materialistic, it’s simply something you can do to feel the most YOU that you can be.

It’s all about your perspective.

Feeling sexy? Throw on something that shows off your figure. Feeling feminine? Wear a floral mini dress. Feeling like you need extra comfort? Put on some sweatpants. Feeling like fashion isn’t your thing? Play it low-key and classic. I always dress for my mood & comfort-level.

I always think its funny to watch people stress about getting dressed. Again, it shouldn’t be so serious.

I know, for most people, if you’re not feeling particularly confident or good about yourself, it’s difficult to get excited about dressing yourself ( or presenting yourself to the public in any way, shape, or form ).

But, personal style is a tool you can use to improve your exterior and ACTUALLY feel good about it. A well-fitting, styled outfit, even if its SUPER simple, can work wonders for your look AND for the way you feel about your look.

All you have to do is fill your closet with items that make you happy.

A couple of years ago, just after I discovered blogging, I realized that I was consistently purchasing clothing that I didn’t like, but that I was simply used to. There wasn’t much in my closet that made me feel like ME. My wardrobe was a collection of clothes I ended up with over the years, extra-conservative tops my Mom purchased for me, or shitty-quality pieces I bought for myself because they were cheap.

Now, my closet is filled with distressed denim that actually fits my body ( AKA: not too small, not too big, & super comfy ), sundresses that don’t require a bra, a few black lace tops for going out, & LOTS of sneakers. Of course, quality activewear, figure-flattering swimsuits, & a few graphic tees from the flea market are also closet staples.

( PS: you can accomplish the above on a budget. You just have to know WHERE to shop. )

Now that I have clothing I feel confident in and LOVE, I look forward to outfitting myself for meetings & events, putting together nighttime going-out looks, & getting dressed in comfy clothes to hang around the house.

Fashion girls, don’t feel insecure about your love for material things. They’re just a vehicle to use to say who you are on that day or in that moment.

I no longer feel guilty about such obsession. Fashion is beautiful & artistic, and style is personal, unique, & expressive. It truly shapes the world in so many ways, often going completely unnoticed.

I’m allllll about sharing an outfit that makes me feel good or coveting a beautifulllll designer bag that was created by a fashion mega-mind ( insert: my high-end haul ).

What do y’all think about this? Are you a stressed-dresser or someone who has fun putting clothing together?

Hope that y’all can gain some inspiration from this to spice up your closet & make it your own! What makes you feel the most YOU that you can feel? Give yourself the freedom to feel like a badass, kk?

Talk soon, xx